About the Bakery

Eric and the Oven

Krin’s Bakery makes delicious cookies, cupcakes, and other treats using time-honored recipes and simple, fresh ingredients. Whether in a lunchbox, enjoyed over coffee, or served at a special occasion, our baked goods celebrate founder Krin Barberi’s twin passions for baking and for building community. Krin’s Bakery products are the treats you love and remember—chocolate cupcakes with a thick frosting; chewy cookies in classic flavors and festive shapes; classic Italian biscotti and moist chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons, all baked in our small Huntington, Vermont bakery by a dedicated crew of skilled bakers, using thoughtfully-sourced ingredients from neighboring farms, orchards and businesses. Our treats are available in local grocery stores and co-ops throughout central and Northern Vermont, and anywhere by mail.